Potent Powder Containment



Envirosafe Ireland provide a wide range of potent powder containment solutions for operator safety. These containment systems ensure operators are protected from airborne contaminants during laboratory research and product development processes. Envirosafe Ireland’s range of potent powder containment solutions include:

  • ST1 Balance Enclosures
  • IE Instrument Enclosures
  • LEV Sliding Sash Enclosures
  • Bulk Powder Containment Enclosures
  • Climatezone
  • Glovebox for Powder Handling
  • Powder Handling Isolator
  • Lab Bubble
  • Flexible Containment

Envirosafe Ireland also offer customised solutions that can be built to customer specifications. If you would like to discuss potential applications for containment, fill in the contact form, call +353879170231 or send an email to info@envirosafeireland.ie


A little about us:

With over 30 years experience in the Pharmaceutical, Laboratory and Gas Industries, Envirosafe Ireland was founded in 2010. We distribute a wide range of safety equipment to the pharmaceutical, health, environmental, education and construction industries in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. We specialise in safety equipment for pharmaceutical, food, construction and education industries e.g. containment of potent powders and solvents, gas detection, noise monitoring, dust control, dust monitoring, chemical safety, cryogenic safety, HEPA filtration and air purification.

  • Containment for Pharmaceutical Potent Compounds
  • Downflow Booths
  • Laboratory Furniture
  • Fume Cupboards
  • Air Purifiers
  • Solvent Storage Cabinets & Solvent Safety Cans
  • Gas Detection & Calibration Gas
  • Covid 19 Solutions
  • Contamination Control Flooring
  • Dust Control Equipment
  • Personal Dust Monitors
  • Noise Monitors

Feel free to contact us for advice on containment, air purification, gas detection, dust control, noise monitoring, lab furniture, chemical storage and extraction.