Bulk Powder Containment Enclosures


Bulk Powder Containment Enclosures are designed to provide safe weighing and manipulation environments for powder dispensing operations from drum containers. The enclosure is ergonomically designed to allow access to drums of powder within a mobile contained environment. The bulk powder unit is a simple to use alternative to a built in downflow booth and offers containment levels of less than 30 nanograms/m3.

SS Bulk Powder Enclosure
SS Bulk Powder Enclosure

Detailed spec:

BP series Bulk Powder Containment Enclosures are specifically designed to provide a safe weighing and handling environment for large quantities of active drug compounds from drum containers.
The BP enclosure range have a unique low flow design that provides localised extract around the drum opening and a low turbulence environment for weighing.

  • Ergonomic design for easy access to the bottom of deep drum containers
  • Independently tested to provide an ECL (Exposure Control Limit) of <1ug/m³
  • Option of Stainless steel enclosure with toughened glass viewing window
  • Stainless steel work surface
  • Localised safe change HEPA filtration
  • Unique dual sensor airflow alarm system provides safe operation
  • Available in 1500mm and 1800mm widths
  • Interconnectable design allows sample transfer between enclosures
  • Variable speed fan allows airflow to be customisable to suit specific instrument setup
  • Low air volume requirement – low running costs
  • DOP test and IQ/OQ Commissioning package included as standard
  • Optional upgrades include mobile bench, roof mounted filters, solvent filtration
  • Fully supported by Ireland based service team
Bulk Powder Drum Access
Bulk Powder Drum Access