Downflow Benches and Workstations


Envirosafe Ireland supply top quality Downflow benches and workstations.

Downflow benches are free standing units that can either be ducted or filtered using a carbon/HEPA filtration. They provide fume and/or particulate containment by drawing air through the perforated work surface and either ducting to outside or filtering through the HEPA or carbon filters.Downflow benches and workstations

Alternatively, the compact Downflow workstations provide protection from  harmful fumes and particulate by drawing air through the 304-grade stainless steel perforated work surface therefore ensuring compliance with COSHH regulations. These units can be filtered with either carbon or HEPA filters, with a wide range of filter types available to suit individual need.

Features of the Downflow benches and workstations include the following :

• Maximum Operator Safety
• Large unhindered work area
• Fume containment with a range of large capacity carbon filters or particulate containment with HEPA filter
• Low airflow monitoring with visual alarm system
• Excellent illumination of the working area
• Easy change pre-filters
• Deep stainless steel removable spillage tray for easy cleaning
• Acoustic damping to ensure near silent running
• Robust construction with corrosion protection
• All electronic circuits are isolated from air stream

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