HPLC Waste Disposal Cans


HPLC Waste Disposal Cans with quick-disconnect fittings and coalescing carbon filters keep laboratory and personnel safe with a compliant, environmentally-friendly solution to waste collection

Safety Disposal Cans for HPLC waste applications:

Safety Disposal Cans

  • Vapour and fire protection
  • Safeguard against accidental spills
  • Maximize safety and convenience


Hands-free solvent collection: Solvent flows freely from your process into the container through tubing making it suitable for either pump-fed or gravity-flow HPLC waste methods. Two disconnect fittings, one intake and one vent, eliminate back pressure in liquid flow disposal line and provide controlled handling of vapour.

Durability and safety: Translucent polyethylene container allows quick visual inspection of liquid level. Pouring spout is equipped with a stainless steel flame arrester, which reliably dissipates heat to prevent flashback ignition. Spring-loaded, sealed lid automatically vents to guard against explosion. Control odors with a coalescing/carbon filter.

Safety Disposal CansQuick-Disconnect system

Easy-on, easy-off mechanism offers detachment of the can from the process without leaks, drips or vapour release. Once disconnected, the container is automatically sealed to prevent spills.


Safety Disposal Cans








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