Alupod: Mobile Dust Containment



Alupod : dust containment White 3.05m test

Mobile Dust Containment

Alupod is designed to provide mobile dust and debris containment during maintenance in controlled environments such as hospitals, cleanrooms and laboratories.

It offers huge cost savings compared to traditional dust control methods such as plastic sheeting or hardboard arrangements.

Alupod reduces the risks associated with the spread of dust related infections by employing a negative air machine with a medical grade HEPA filter to clean the work environment while maintenance is being carried out.

Below is a video demonstrating the set-up procedure

The annual savings a facility will experience by employing an Alupod include:

  • Reduced labour & material costs due to more efficient set up and take down of work areas
  • Reduction in costs associated with working outside normal working hours.
  • Allows work to be carried out during normal working ours with little or no disruption

Alupods are routinely used for :

  • Removing ceiling tiles to access piping, cabling, HVAC etc
  • Replacing ceiling tiles or light bulbs in ceilings
  • Pre-work surveying
  • Demolition & construction project