Gas Detector Tubes



Gastec Gas Detector Tubes

Envirosafe Ireland are the exclusive Irish distributor for Gastec gas detector tubes.

Gastec Gas Detector Tubes are used in hazardous environments for spot checks, sampling, screening and where TWA/STEL measurements are required

Gastec Gas Detector Tubes are the most accurate, cost effective, yet simple method of instantaneous gas detection with the capacity to detect over 600 gases, vapours and particulates.

Many Draeger tube users are changing to Gastec detector tubes due to the competitive price of the Gastec tubes (typically less than half the price of Draeger tubes) and next day delivery of Gastec tubes. In addition, many users find Gastec easier and quicker to use, as the Gastec pump usually requires only one pump stroke against multiple pump strokes on the Draeger pump.

99% of our Gastec Gas Detector Tubes can be delivered to your site for the  next working day.

Available Gastec equipment includes :

  • Standard Gastec tubes
  • Gastec Pumps
  • Gastec Kits
  • Gastec Smoke Generation Tubes
  • Gastec Dosi-Tubes
  • Gastec Airtec Tubes
  • Gastec Polytec Tubes
  • Gastec Soluble Tubes
  • Gastec Automatic Pump Tubes
  • Gastec Pyrotec Tubes
  • Gastec Accessories

See below training video explaining correct use of Gastec tubes.

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