LEV Sliding Sash Enclosures


LEV Sliding Sash Enclosures offer excellent containment and superior ergonomics using a unique constant air volume, sliding sash mechanism that allows the operator to access equipment at a range of heights. These units are custom-built to suit specific customer requirements. Popular for HPLC, Robotics, Particle Sizers, Lab Reactors, Rotary Evaporators, Milling, Sieving and other types of lab equipment for use with pharmaceutical potent compounds.

Sliding Sash Enclosure
Sliding Sash Enclosure

Detailed spec:

The Sliding Sash LEV enclosures are designed and built specifically to the customers’ requirement. Size up to 3m wide.

The LEV range of enclosures uses a unique CAV (Constant Air Volume) sliding sash mechanism that allows the operator to have good access to equipment and processes. This system requires much less airflow than a standard fume hood which saves on energy costs.

The unique patented sash design allows ease of use, whilst providing proven consistent containment at all times

Ergonomic design allows access to top and bottom areas of enclosure without restriction

Flexible design allows the unit to be built in sections and assembled on site (e.g. if entrance is narrow)

Stainless steel frame with acrylic panels

Can be configured with 360 degree access for installation and maintenance

Interconnectable design allows sample transfer between enclosures

Easily upgradeable

HEPA and solvent filtration to suit any application

Variable speed fan allows airflow to be fully customisable to suit specific instrument setup

Low air volume requirement – low running costs compared to fumehood

Localised filtration, or direct HVAC connection options

Black granite, SS or Trespa base options

Airflow alarm ensures safe operation

DOP test and IQ/OQ Commissioning package included as standard

Optional upgrades include mobile bench, roof mounted filters, solvent filtration, double HEPA filter

Approval drawing issued prior to manufacture

Fully supported by Ireland based service team.

See below video showing operation of the sliding sash: