safety-bubble-bannerLab Bubble is a low cost, versatile, small scale containment device, which is designed to provide a safe handling environment for handling hazardous liquids and powders.

The Lab Bubble comes as standard with a combined Carbon and HEPA filter plus an alarm to monitor safe airflow conditions.

It can be adapted for PCR work, temperature/humidity control, biosafety work, incubation, storage, teaching or aseptic handling

Safety Bubble The Safety Bubble is a bench mounted fume hood system that performs to standard hood containment standards EN 14175 and BS 7989. This ensures protection for the user when handling hazardous chemicals. Laboratory air is drawn in through the front opening and carries airborne particles and chemical vapours away from the user. Airborne contaminants are captured in a specially designed safe change filtration unit. Clean air is then exhausted safely back into the laboratory saving on energy and facility costs.

Glove Bubble The Glove Bubble is a bench mounted enclosure designed to provide a sealed environment for sample handling and atmosphere control. The device is a fully portable system with gas connection, to offer the control of atmospheres internally, and nitrile anti-static gauntlets as standard. The inflatable seal expands to protect samples from any external contaminants and atmospheres. A transfer tunnel allows the user controlled access into the enclosure without having to remove the top cover. See below video for Lab Bubble installation

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PCR Clean Air Bubble The PCR Clean Air Bubble provides an enclosed environment for the handling of sensitive PCR reagents. The system operates as a positive pressure HEPA filtered system that creates a continual ISO Class 5 clean air blanket over the sample preparation area. Air is taken from the laboratory and filtered through a two-stage filter system into the enclosure and back out to the laboratory. Airflow is monitored continuously to ensure that no airborne contaminants can enter the enclosure. In addition, a UV-C germicidal lamp provides bio-decontamination before and after use.

PCR Still Air Bubble The PCR Still Air Bubble provides an enclosed sample handling area to prevent contaminants affecting PCR reagent preparations. Each enclosure is fitted with a UV-C germicidal lamp tested to provide effective bio-decontamination of work surfaces before and after use.

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See below video for Lab Bubble installation instructions

See below video for Lab Bubble maintenance instructions