Safety Drum Covers

Convert open-top 55-gallon (200-L) steel drums into handy receptacles

Self-closing Drum Cover turns a drum into a fire-safe receptacle for combustible waste. Simply use a screwdriver and wrench to attach the cover to a drum. For added safety, a replaceable fusible-link assembly melts at 165°F (74ºC) to automatically allow spring-loaded cover to slam shut if there is a fire in the drum. Durable steel construction with powder-coat finish provides excellent chemical resistance. Fits drums from 22-1/4-in to 22-3/4-in (565- to 578-mm) diameter. Self-closing drum cover is FM and TÜV Approved.

VapourTra  Drum Cover converts a drum into a convenient collection center. A spring-loaded lid closes securely with a slight touch of the hand. Gasket around the rim prevents vapours from escaping. Use the additional 4-3/4-in (121-mm) port for disposing small containers without having to open the entire lid. Manual latching cover vents to relieve pressure build-up. Lid latch accepts a lock (not included) to prevent unauthorized access.

VapourTra  Drum Cover is FM approved and complies with EPA regulationsSafety Drum.
Safety Drum Covers