Flexible Containment


Envirosafe Ireland offer a range of flexible containment solutions which ensure a clean and safe working environment and a higher GMP standard for customer facilities.

Flexible isolators are designed to suit our customer requirements and are mainly manufactured form Polyurethane (PU). However Polyethylene (PE) or Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) can also be used for manufacture if required.
The upgrading of existing facilities with flexible containment systems has many advantages for clients, including:

• Forego the cost of expensive plant by reducing capital costs
• Improved ergonomics
• Allow for operator-friendly use
• Reduced need for PPE
• Lower risk of cross contamination

The range of containment products, accessories and services provided by Envirosafe Ireland include:

• Sampling Flexible Isolators
• Seeding Flexible Isolators
• Filter Change Isolators
• Valve Removal Isolators
• Product Charging Flexible Isolators
• Heel Removal Flexible Isolators
• Inspection Flexible Isolators
• Centrifuge Cloth Removal Isolators
• Flexible Covers for Process Equipment
• Drum Sampling
• Containment Rooms
• Airlocks
• Wall Mounted Fog Showers
• Fog Carts
• Portable Walk-in Showers
• Vacuuum Wanding Systems
• Air Handling Units

Technical data sheets, drawings etc are available on request from info@envirosafeireland.ie

Flexible Isolators

Existing facilities can be retrofitted with flexible isolators to enable clients to carry out their daily duties in a contained and safe manner. Flexible isolators fully contain the following operations: Sampling, seeding, filter change outs, product charging, heel removals, seal cleaning, valve removals, etc.