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ClimaeZoneClimatezone enclosure systems are designed to provide a safe, climatically controlled environment for the handling of sensitive drug compounds and pharmaceutical testing.
The Climatezone range of enclosures use a unique patented air treatment system to allow the analyst to create a specific controlled temperature and humidity environment. The system creates a localised environment for testing which is much more flexible and cost effective than constructing a dedicated controlled laboratory environment.
  • Stainless steel frame with removable clear panels
  • Side mounted transfer chamber (optional)
  • Black phenolic resin base
  • Air Treatment unit contains Heater, Chiller, Humidifier and Dehumidifier
  • Available in 1500mm, 2000mm and 2500mm widths- 700mm Deep x 1850mm High
  • Custom built sizes are also available
  • Gloved or iris port access available
  • Power Requirements : Single Phase 230V / 50Hz / 13A
  • Selectable temperature and humidity profiles.
    — Temperature Range : 15⁰C – 85⁰C — Humidity Range :  15%RH – 85%RH
  • Control via integrated UKAS certified temperature and humidity sensors
  • Low humidity (<10%) capability
  • Air Handling – Closed Loop Operation – 300m3/hr
  • Safe change H14 HEPA filtered environment
  • Solvent Filtration (optional)
  • Airflow monitoring by hot wire anemometer
  • Visual / Audible low airflow alarm ensures operator safety
Other Features
  • Independent temperature and humidity logging
  • Easy access for maintenance and equipment setup
  • Energy saving – no external HVAC control required
  • Tested, approved and widely used for and moisture sensitive powders
  • Ideal for inhalable drug testing where guaranteed climatic environments are required e.g. MDI and DPI impactor testing
  • Anti-static bars (optional)
  • Safe for use with HPAPIs
  • Mobile, flexible and low cost to maintain
  • Fully supported by Ireland based service team
  • DOP test and IQ/OQ Commissioning package included as standard


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