Smoke Tubes

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Gastec airflow smoke tubes (GAS501) generate white smoke to allow the user to visually monitor airflow currents within the workplace.

Even slightest air movements are made visible to the eye so that their origin, course, and speed can be tracked.

Moisture in the air reacts with the reagent from the smoke tube to produce a cloud of white smoke that floats freely because it has the same density as ambient air.

The Gastec smoke generation tubes can be used for visualising air currents, such as tracking air flows in:

  • Testing the performance of fume hoods
  • Detecting leaks from air ducts
  • Airflow in chimneys
  • Respirator fit testing
  • Detecting air currents in room installations
  • Estimating the distribution of vaporised toxic substances


Industries include mining, chemical plants for pipeline leak detection, and installers of air conditioning and ventilation systems.

The Gastec smoke tubes are also available to buy as part of a kit (GAS500) and includes the rubber aspirator bulb, pack of 6 tubes, rubber caps, leather carry pouch and instruction manual

How to use (requires gastec aspirator bulb):

  • Break off both ends of the smoke generating tube and attach a rubber squeeze bulb to one end of the tube.
  • When the bulb is squeezed, a chemical reaction produces white smoke.
  • The white smoke makes the air flow (in ventilation systems/ducts, etc.) visible.
  • You will require a tube tip breaker to break off the ends of the smoke tube. These are sold separately from the kit. Alternatively, you can use the tip breaker if you already own a Gastec sampling pump.


A single tube can be used in excess of 50 tests by sealing the tube ends with the rubber caps provided