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Worker Health & Safety has Never Been so Important. The ZoneSafe Social Distancing Solution is a very simple device, designed to help get your business operational after the Covid-19 restrictions. The ZoneSafe Social Distancing Solution will help your workers to work at a safe distance from each other. Workers within a 2m proximity to each other are immediately warned, using wearable tags with vibration feedback.


Maintain Distance with Active Safety

Each worker wears a ZoneSafe P2P tag. When a P2P tag detects another P2P tag, within a 2m distance, a vibration alert is activated to indicate the risk of contact. The vibration ceases when P2P tags no longer breach each other’s minimum threshold.

ZoneSafe Monitor




Benefits of ZoneSafe Social Distancing Solution

  • ZoneSafe helps workers to adhere to 2m Social Distancing Guidelines
  • Reduces Person-to-Person Contact
  • Ensures Safe & Consistent Distancing is Maintained, for instance
  • Quick to Set-Up Deploy at a Job Site or Workplace
  • Actively Warns Workers through Vibration
  • Improves Site Health & Safety
  • Full 360⁰ Detection Zone
  • Uses Reliable Active RFID Technology
  • Option to Integrate with Hi Viz Vests
  • Encourages Spatial Awareness
  • Fast Wireless Recharging Option
  • 5 Bay Multi-Charger Option


Technical Data

  • IP67 rated, suitable for heavy duty use in industrial environments. Drop tested 1m to concrete.
  • Unit has on/off switch for practicality. Switch off for charging and for collection of tags if handed in.
  • Mixed Frequency Radio Technology (Active RFID).
  • Conforms to Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU
  • Each device has a unique serial number, for instance.
  • Battery life – Approximately 12 hours when fully charged. 1.5 hours to charge approximately.
  • System can be used as a management tool with traceability information on which people came together.
  • Cloud available where proximity information feeds into a portal. (However, this feature is still in development)
  • Tag can be re-purposed in the future for combination with ZoneSafe systems after Covid 19.

In conclusion, this is an excellent product

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