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WB700The all new powerful WB700 is ideal for the harshest of welds in any situation running at 71A. It also provides a polishing and etching function. This unit will  fully passivate the parent material and give a flawless finish every time.

The fast, portable WeldBrush is compact, rugged, acid resistant, and easy to carry. This single unit, will clean stainless steel, brass, and bronze, after they have been heat tinted, or TIG, MIG, or Spark welded.  The unit can also electro-polish, mark, or brush electro-plate the same metals.

Our patented Sliding Shroud is the white shroud at the end of the wand. This not only protects the shell of the brush from shorting in confined spaces, but by restricting the splay of the brush, it concentrates the cleaning power into a smaller, and better defined area.