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Envirosafe Ireland supply ATEX Rated Solvent Recovery Ventilated Workstations. Built to provide workstation safety & support within a restricted space, these workstations have the full compliment of service facilities:

• user air flow monitor alarm
• protected power sockets
• gas and water services
• integral drainage with integrated building or local catchment
• stainless steel ‘Swagelock’ connections throughout
• fully welded ventilated solvent storage unit

Two models are available:

ventilated workstationsFixed Height Workstation

Containment Rating:
• BS7258: 0.1ppm
• ASHRAE 110: Approved

The workstation design positions neatly between full external exhaust fume/dust cupboards and re-circulating filter units.
The workstation uses the same exhaust system as required with fume cupboards, but without the encumbrance of a glass sash superstructure.

This radical design maintains user inhalation protection at 0.1ppm (gas containment) whilst giving easier hand/eye co-ordination.
The freedom of movement reduces spillage.

The ventilated workstation directs the air stream across the work surface from front to back. This single direction ‘Laminar’ flow achieves maximum purge of the active area, leaving the work surface unrestricted and available for use.

The Ventilated Workstations capture emissions equal to the gas containment demands of:
British Standard : fume cupboards BS7258
USA Standard: ASHRAE 110

As the airflow challenge is directed across the work surface and not down through perforations in the worktop, the scavenge stream is unrestricted and maintains an even and predictable pattern.

Available in economic widths of – 1000 / 1200 / 1500 / 2000mm


ventilated workstationsVariable Height Workstation

Containment Rating:

• BS7258: 0.1ppm
• ASHRAE 110 : approved

Total powered adjustment provides the answer to user compatibility with ducted protection.

It includes powered variable height worktop to enable such extreme user functions from tall column to powder balance work.

The unit can be linked into an existing fume cupboard exhaust system and can be used to contain powders, droplet and gaseous emissions, using HEPA or carbon filtration linked into the total exhaust system.







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