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Standalone Mount UV Clean

Standalone UV Clean

UV-CLEAN Disinfection Unit

The UV-CLEAN Disinfection Unit is a no-touch, ultraviolet disinfection technology. From emergency departments to patient rooms, airports to grocery stores, the public is concerned about the spread of infection and what can be done to prevent infection. As new automated disinfection technologies are being developed and implemented, ultraviolet disinfection has emerged as a powerful line of defence against the spread of infectious pathogens on high-touch surfaces. The UV-CLEAN Disinfection Unit is a no-touch, powerful disinfection system using UV-C energy to inactivate microorganisms at the genetic level by disrupting cellular DNA.



Every facility and location where touch-screens, key-boards, microphones etc are shared between people e.g. Hospitals, Schools, Universities, Churches, Public Phones, Theatres, Banks with Override Authorisation Protocols, Offices with Hot-Desks, Radio & TV Stations, Recording Studios, Film Studios, Conference Centres, Wedding Venues, Public Speaking Venues etc



Surface Mount UV Clean

Surface Mount UV Clean

• Kills 99.9% of pathogens on high-touch urfaces like keyboards, touchscreens & credit card machines, microphones etc.
• Breaks down bacteria, mould & virus up to 24 inches away.
• Flexible configuration – Stand-alone, Surface Mount or Clamp Mount
• Easy installation
• Automated UV-C light exposure cycles.
• Downloadable audit trails for reporting.
• Complements or enhances current preventive measures or systems.

UV-CLEAN is available in different configurations and product forms to best fit your high touch surfaces. The small but powerful device features a 24-inch active cleaning area range and sleek design at just 6-inches in length and 1-inch in diameter.


Timed Cleaning Cycles

Clamp Mount UV Clean

Clamp Mount UV Clean

UV-CLEAN No-Touch delivers automated disinfecting cycles using low doses of UV-C light that are harmful to pathogens.
UV-C light is dispensed at timed intervals with low levels, up to 24 inches away, to break down the DNA of infectious microorganisms on high-touch surfaces.
Each UV-CLEAN unit’s cleaning cycle time and duration is customisable to best fit your requirements.
The UV-Clean Audit software allows users to access and modify the locally stored settings on each UV-CLEAN unit.


Motion Sensor

UV-CLEAN No-Touch technology is designed for efficient and safe disinfection of contaminated high-touch surfaces in fast-paced work environments.
Built-in motion sensors on UV-CLEAN units make them easy and safe to use.
Motion detection while a cleaning cycle is in progress causes the UV-C light to power off automatically. The cleaning cycle stops. This allows you to safely proceed with your task at hand.
Cleaning resumes after no motion is detected for a specified amount of time. You can use the UV-Clean Audit software to modify the no-motion and wait-mode settings for the cleaning cycles.


Clamp Mount UV Clean

Clamp Mount UV Clean

Time-Saving Audit Trails

UV-CLEAN simplifies the task of creating audit trails for your cleaning cycles.
With built-in smart technology and internal memory storage, UV-CLEAN units generate and store audit trails locally.
UV-CLEAN units include a USB cable that allows the unit to connect to a PC or other USB-enabled device for easy download of its audit trail.
The UV-Clean Audit software provides easy access to audit records that include date, time, and status information for the cleaning cycles.


How Does It Work?

• Germicidal UV-C light is dispensed at low levels
• Microorganisms absorb the UV-C wavelength
• DNA of infection-causing pathogens are broken
• Pathogens are disabled, stopping them from reproducing and spreading


How do I Know if It is Cleaning Consistently?

Simply download the cycle reports from each individual device to confirm cleaning. Every unit includes a USB cable that allows you to connect the UVC-SM device to a PC. Easily access the built-in audit trail that resides locally on each device, eliminating any network security issues.


UV-Clean Hospital

UV-Clean in a Hospital Setting

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