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TruCount Occupancy Management

TruCount informs people of room occupancy

The TruCount Occupancy Management System is an Irish-developed, highly accurate, automated, occupancy management system that uses Smart (IoT) sensors to accurately calculate the real-time footfall in communal spaces. Advanced sensor technology allows you to define, monitor and control occupancy for communal spaces in real time.

The dynamic smart screens display the current and max. occupancy and change to advise those entering on occupancy status. It is also connected to a smartphone and web app so staff and management can see the real-time occupancy of the area, from anywhere.

TruCount Occupancy Management System has been installed on essential manufacturing sites across the country, Cork and Dublin airports and various retail outlets, and has recently been shortlisted for the MedTech Awards 2020 in the Category of “Covid-19 Response Recognition Award”. The technology is fully automated, 100% GDPR compliant and can be rapidly deployed anywhere in Ireland.


Cloud-Based Technology

TruCount can be deployed in many scenarios, such as canteens, open plan offices, and many more. Our cloud-based technology enables a whole campus to be linked, thus providing a true analysis of site occupancy.



Tru Count App

Accessible through app

Accessible Data

TruCount data is accessible via a management console or through a convenient app which has user and admin profiles. With custom display URLs, occupancy data can be displayed on any smart screen, tablet or web-enabled device.


100% GDPR Compliant

TruCount is 100% GDPR Compliant as it has no cameras or data interrogation, so can be installed by maintenance personnel without the need for a PSA license.




Fully Scalable Solutions

TruCount can be scaled to manage larger infrastructure or linked to TruCount Lite – our small space solution which is designed to monitor small spaces such as bathrooms, workshops and even lifts, through our custom integration service.


TruCount Welcome Screen

Large screens indicate capacity and real-time occupancy


• Automated People Counting
• Real-time occupancy display
• Most accurate on market
• Advanced Data Analytics Dashboard
• Web app for real-time monitoring from any device
• Digital Signage – No ambiguity / subjectivity



TruCount Screen 2

Entrants are instructed to wait if occupancy exceeds capacity

Typical Deployments

• Workplace Canteens
• Locker/Changing rooms
• Airlocks
• GMP/Clean Environments
• Restrooms



Privacy & Security

Counting fully anonymous
No image capture (no GDPR concerns)
Can be networked via GSM Mobile Data router (not connected to client network)


TruCount Occupancy Management System Benefits

• Is the most accurate on the market
• Has been developed in Ireland or the UK
• Is proven in the field and is successfully operating now with multinational clients
• Uses state-of-the-art hardware and software
• Is out of the box/modular and ready to export and/or can be deployed remotely
• Can be deployed and scaled rapidly anywhere in the world


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