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Tile-top Am Spongecote

Tile-Top AMEnvirosafe Ireland provide Tile Top AM Anti Fatigue Mats which doubles down on combating fatigue even while providing a top to bottom anti-microbial solution. An anti-microbial top surface provides top level defence and is backed with an anti-microbial Nitricell sponge. It absorbs repeated compression and bounces back to its original form better than any PVC sponge alternative. Tile Top AM is a game changer compared to typical tile-top mats for teams in labs, pharmacies, biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

  • Anti-Microbial “Best” Sponge
  •  Tough but attractive abrasion and chemical resistant PVC surface
  •  Machine cut and bevelled edges prevent tripping
  •  The ONLY fully customizable Tile-Top matting product available
  •  Overall thickness 1/2” (13 mm)

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