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Automatic Social Distancing Alerts and Close Contact Event Logging

SureTraceID Social Distance Monitors

SureTraceID Social Distance Monitors


Close contact event logging is difficult. Manual systems are subjective and error-prone..

The SureTraceID Social Distancing Monitor is the most accurate, automatic close contact logging wearable technology, based on highly accurate UWB (Ultra-Wide band) location technology

Discrete wristbands or lanyard cards actively promote social distancing by alerting the wearer when the 2m distance is not being maintained. Importantly, the system automatically records any close contact events between wearers and this information is stored in a secure database and data analytics dashboard. This enables analysis and close contact tracing in the event that a colleague becomes symptomatic

SureTraceID is fully automated, 100% GDPR compliant and can be rapidly deployed anywhere in Ireland.


How it Works

SureTraceID Scenarios

UWB wearables detect other UWB signals, alert the user and locate and record events.

Ultra-wideband (UWB) wearables actively seek out other UWB signals and can locate and record events with extremely high accuracy. The wearable will alert the wearer if the acceptable social distance is not maintained and record every event to the database.

All events will be recorded on a secure network, which can be accessed in the event of an infectious breakout to enable fast and effective contact tracing.







SureTraceID Wristband or Lanyard

Wristband or Lanyard


SureTraceID Social Distancing Monitor can be worn as a wearable wristband or lanyard card.







SureTraceID Contact Tracing

SureTraceID enables Contact Tracing

• Active Social Distancing Alerts
• Notifies wearer by vibration or audible alert (customisable)
• UWB Technology – accurate to 0.1m (most accurate technology in the market)
• Wristband or lanyard card format
• IP-rated technology
• Automatic Close Contact Logs
• Auto-captures events (contacts, durations etc.)
• Close Contact Tracing
• Advanced integrated management platform
• Customisable Reporting
• System Interrogation of potential cases/close contacts



SureTraceID Software

SureTraceID Software assists with contact tracing

The Contract Tracing Software

The easy-to-use, GDPR compliant software builds the Contact Tracing component of the solution. This provides a historical trace report to determine possible co-worker exposure, if a worker is suspected of/or has tested positive for COVID-19.



Typical Deployments

• Whole Site
• Multiple Sites (scalable)
• Cohort of high-value staff working in a bubble
• Cleanrooms


Privacy & Security

• Anonymous linkage (devices connected to ID number rather than name)
• Access permission to analytics platform controlled
• No geolocation



• Is the most accurate on the market
• Has been developed in Ireland or the UK
• Is proven in the field and is successfully operating now with multinational clients
• Uses state-of-the-art hardware and software
• Is out of the box/modular and ready to export and/or can be deployed remotely
• Can be deployed and scaled rapidly anywhere in the world


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