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Sure-Grip EX Slimline Safety Cabinets

Gain valuable storage space even when space is tight

Use alone or alongside larger cabinets for expanded storage when floor space is limited. The standard slimline cabinet is 18-in (457-mm) deep and fits flush alongside a Slimline Safety Cabinets45-gallon (170-L) cabinet. The deep slimline cabinet is 34-in (864-mm) deep and fits alongside a 60- or 90-gallon (227- or 341-L) cabinet. Both cabinets measure only 23-1/4-in (591-mm) wide.

Slim line safety cabinets have all the same features as the larger safety cabinets such as a three-point, self-latching door with self-latching handle, a 2-in (51-mm) leak-proof sump, dual vents, a grounding wire connector and large trilingual warning label identifying contents. Cabinets include three SpillSlope galvanized steel shelves that direct spills to back and bottom into a leak-proof sump.

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