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Sterile Filter Dryers

Envirosafe Ireland provide sterile filter dryers from lab development to commercial production supporting globally our customer database by refining the design of our state-of-art filter dryers for more efficient aseptic manufacturing.

During aseptic processing of sterile product the substance needs to be isolated and washed in a sterile filter and dried. Utilization of the Laboratory Filter Dryer will ease technology transfer from Laboratory to Kilo Lab/Pilot plant scale.

Filter Dryer technology allows those steps to perform within a single vessel minimizing sterile product handling and exposure. Our filter dryers utilise double gas lift-off mechanical seals, unique off-loading designs, and innovative bellow technology, and have CIP (clean-in-place) and SIP (steam-in-place) capabilities.

Filter Dryers

Sterile Filter Dryer benefits:
  • cGMP
  • Highly efficient drying
  • Minimum gap design allowing reflux cleaning to achieve typically less than 2.5ppm to non-detectable after cleaning
  • SIP (Steam-In-Place) and CIP (Clean-In-Place)
  • Minimum solvent volumes beneath mesh for process optimisation
  • Special agitator design achieving good mixing/drying filtration even with difficult cakes
  • One piece agitator with omega wave bellow to ensure agglomeration does not occur
  • Various type of discharge available: Pressure rated discharge hatch, Glovebox, Aseptic split butterfly valve, Unique Tiltable System
  • Total interchangeability between cloth and mesh filtration media
  • New integral dust collector design for higher product yield and ease of cleaning
  • Very high levels of engineering reliability to ensure low maintenance and successful salability

Our engineering development team also developed specific sterile filter dryer designs for microsphere application.

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