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Shoe Covers -SCMNS 40-600-FAS
Made from durable polypropylene material with non-skid and non-conductive soles. This shoe cover is skid-resistant which improves traction and friction. One size fits all with a strong elastic band around the ankle. This shoe cover offers a full-length heel to toe conductive strip on the inside and outside of the shoe cover. This shoe cover is intended to be worn only over ESD shoes.


Lightweight but durable

Slip-resistant pattern

Personalised colours are available

         Elastic band for a secure fit

Full-Length Electrostatic Dissipation Strip

One size fits most (up to a men’s size 15)


Material :


Other :

Spunbond Polypropylene, Carbon Strip

40 grams/m2


100% Latex non-skid pattern (1.2 grams/m2)

Seams :

Colour :

Heat sealed




Met the requirements for the specifications for foot grounders per ANSI/ESD SP9.2 and ESD S20.20. They are considered safe for ESD applications.



Item # Pairsl x w x h (inches)Weight (lbs)
SCMNS40-1-FAS40 bundle14 x 6.5 x 51.5
SCMNS40-600-FAS600 case19 x 15 x 2525
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