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Safety Dispensing Cans

Safety Dispensing CansWith all the benefits of our classic Type I safety cans, these
self-closing and leak-proof Safety Dispensing Cans come with faucets to make them the choice of
lab professionals for safe dispensing of hazardous liquids into small flasks and
beakers. Fill spouts have self-closing pressure-relief caps and stainless steel
flame arresters. Self-closing brass faucets provide trouble-free dispensing. Cans
fitted with the 08540 faucet offer more controlled dispensing, while faucet 08902
provides a greater flow.

Polyethylene Safety Dispensing Can has superb corrosion protection, and
a unique current-carrying carbon insert embedded into the container allows for
proper grounding.
Steel Tilt Cans have a faucet on top and the can rests in a sturdy metal cradle.
Cradle base measures 13-13/16 x 14-in (351-mm x 356-mm).

All styles are FM approved.

Safety Dispensing Cans

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