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QC-100 Calibration Gas Bump TesterEnvirosafe Ireland supply the QC-100 Calibration Gas Bump Tester (850-1100-00).

Gases supported: NH3, C6H14, HCl, C7H8.

  • Internal pump provides continuous flow.
  • Adjustable output.

The QCV used in the QC-100 are small, disposable vials with a small amount of the gas to be tested in liquid form in a sealed inner ampoule. Breaking the inner ampoule allows the liquid to absorb into a filter which then diffuses out the gas. The motorized pump in the QC-100 provides a continuous output of calibration check gas, and the needle-valve allows users to adjust the amount of gas being generated. This gas concentration can be checked against a calibrated instrument for higher accuracy, or simply used as a bump test device. The QC-100 is currently available for ammonia and hydrogen chloride as well as PPM ranges of hexane and toluene

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