Zipwall 3.6m Poles

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ZipWall 12 spring-loaded dust barrier aluminium poles are designed for the professional contractor. They are easy to use and  store, save a huge amount of time and can eliminate the need for ladders.

These poles are strong and lightweight, telescopic up to 3.6m high, with spring-loaded heads and a simple twist-to-lock system. A non-skid, non-marking head locks the barrier material in place and holds it securely in place without damaging the ceiling. A tight dust barrier can be set up in a few minutes. 3.6m poles are available in packs of 4 or 6. A 6m anodised aluminium pole is also available.

No ladders. No tape. No damage!

Key Features:

  • Spring-loaded design for quick, easy, and safe setup
  • Strong and lightweight anodized aluminium construction
  • Telescopic up to 3.6m (from 1.2m)
  • Non-skid, non-marking head and plate
  • GripDisks prevent sliding on smooth floors



Four 3.6m anodised aluminium spring-loaded poles with parts (heads, plates and non-slip pads), two standard zippers, and one carry bag.

Tips for setting up a dust barrier:

  • When using plastic, cut it to size ahead of time.
  • Set up the barrier one pole at a time starting at the wall.
  • Leave a 2.5m space between poles (this is the max lenght of the ceiling foamrails)
  • Leave extra plastic at the wall and hanging over the top.
  • Leave the plastic loose at the bottom and make sure the spring at the top of the pole is not compressed all the way.
  • Once ALL poles are in place, do the following:
  • Tuck the plastic under each pole.
  • Place a GripDisk on the floor under the pole.
  • Compress the spring at the top of each pole all the way up.