ST1 Balance Enclosure

The ST1 Balance enclosures guarantee balance stability whilst providing proven protection from exposure to potent compounds. ST1 Balance weighing enclosure systems are specifically designed for the handling and weighing of potent compounds from milligram to kilogram quantities. In addition, the unique patented airflow and cleaning design provides a turbulence-free environment for sensitive analytical and microbalances. The ergonomic profile design makes the ST1 Potent Powder Weighing Enclosure comfortable and easy to use. These enclosures are designed with an increased internal depth therefore they can accommodate deeper balances whilst minimising bench space.


Envirosafe Ireland provide a number of containment solutions for your laboratory needs. The ST1 Balance Enclosure is designed for weighing operations in pharmaceutical labs. The ST1 balance enclosure is independently performance tested and proven to achieve containment levels of less than 15 nanograms/m3. A granite base and engineered turbulent free flow ensure the stability of even the most sensitive analytical balances. The unique functionality in the design enables the uninterrupted operation of sensitive micro analytical scales and ensures the minimum weight.

  • Safety performance – ECL 15ng/m3
  • Containment tested to EN14175 and ASHRAE110
  • Surrogate powder tested by SafeBridge Consultants
  • Turbulance free weighing environment
  • Safe change HEPA filtration system
  • Low air volume requirement
  • Ceramic base
  • Dual sensor air flow alarm system
  • Safe waste disposal
  • Custom built solutions

See video below for details on the ST1 Balance Enclosure: