Solvent Safety Cabinet – Safetybox AC600S


Safety cabinet for the storage of 100 litres of liquid and solid flammable products. Compliant with EN 14470-1, EN 16121:2013/A1:2017, EN 16122:2012. The cabinet can be fitted with activated charcoal filters and a fan. The cabinets weigh 252 kilograms and has a total capacity of approx. 456 litres.

                      External Dimensions: 680 x 640 x 1950 mm
                       Internal Dimensions: 533 x 495 x 1731 mm

• Completely produced in pickled steel.
• Innovative fireproof insulation made of highly fire-resistant material, completely ecologic.
• Inflatable trimming 8 + 6 cm (DIN 4102), that swells in case of fire, isolating the inside of the cabinet from the outside.
• Extra inflatable trimming with protection against “Cold and Hot fumes” and dusts.
• New safety closing system with spring: in case of fire, automatically closes the door at a temperature of >50°C. Not electric.
• Natural internal ventilation system for vapours, equipped with two certified security valves for air recycling with automatic closure at 70 ± 10° C.
• Certified palletised base.
• 3 shelves adjustable in height, 1 watertight bottom basin.
• Patented internal safety catch “Ignis-lock®”.