The remover is the final piece of the puzzle. By choosing a Shoe Cover Magic remover, you are choosing the magical ending to your perfect system. Our hands-free removers help protect against cross-contamination while giving you a speedy process to continue your day.

Our shoe cover removers make removing shoe-covers quick, easy, and safe. With a simple design, it aids in the fast, hands-free disposal of soiled disposable shoe-covers. We know that you and your employees have more important tasks than taking the time to remove shoe-covers, especially if this happens multiple times a day. Our products are designed to help you get back to business.

The Shoe Cover Magic Removers are designed for companies that have a need to eliminate germs and to improve worker safety & productivity. This product automatically removes shoe covers with a hands-free operation and without the need to bend over.


  • HEPA filtration to control contaminants (optional)
  • Increased worker safety and compliance
  • Self-contained disposable bags
  • Easy bag changes
  • Available in two voltages (110 or 220)
  • Receiver can be placed up to 90m away from foot plate
  • Reduced contamination and errors


Size45 litre150 litre250 litre
Capacity500 Shoe Covers1500 Shoe Covers2500 Shoe Covers
Height534mm Tall940mm Tall2540mm Tall
Width 1016mm wide~1016mm wide 1016mm wide
Depth 1220mm Deep~1220mm Deep 1220mm Deep
Weight36.3 kg54.5 kg86.2 kg


Technical Data

  • Materials :
    • Remover head: Stainless steel, painted steel, high impact ABS plastic
    • Motor unit: Powder coated steel
    • High-Capacity receptacle: Powder coated steel
  • Components can be connected using a flexible hose for short connections or hardwall PVC pipe for long-range connections.