QGM Multi-Gas Monitor

565.00 excl. VAT


Versatile and rugged detector for O2, LEL, H2S and CO

The WatchGas QGM is a versatile multi-gas monitor engineered to keep you and your staff safe while working in hazardous environments. WatchGas QGM offers detection for up to four different gases and is ideal for use as a confined space entry gas monitor.

The WatchGas QGM monitors oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide and combustible gases. When the concentrations of these gases exceed the alarm thresholds, the WatchGas QGM alerts the user by vibrating, flashing LEDs and a 90dB acoustic alarm. An integrated data and event logger registers peak and average values, alarms, calibration dates, and bump test information for up to two months. All logs can be downloaded to your PC through the WatchGas IR-link software.

The QGM is available as a 2, 3 or 4-gas monitor. A catalytic LEL sensor comes as standard. Alternatively, you can specify your QGM with a Non-Dispersive Infrared Sensor. The IR LEL sensor has several advantages over catalytic LEL sensors (for a very small additional cost), including :

  • The IR sensor consumes less energy, enhancing the battery life to up to two months on a single charge.
  • Combustible gases can be measure by IR in the absence of oxygen, making it more useful in environments where oxygen levels may vary.
  • The IR sensor is less susceptible to poisoning by silicone and sulfur.
  • The IR sensor has an expected lifetime of 10 years vs 5 years for the catalytic sensor.
  • If dropped on the floor, the metal wire in catalytic LEL sensors can break. The IR sensor does not have this issue.
  • The calibration interval is only 12 months for the IR sensor vs 6 months for the catalytic sensor.
Key Features:
  • IECEx and ATEX zone 0 approved
  • Simple single button operation
  • Durable, easy-grip housing
  • Displays actual gas concentrations, TWA and STEL values
  • Adjustable alarm levels using the WatchGas IR Link
  • Data log: up to two months or more
  • Optical, acoustic and vibrating alarms
  • Docking station available for rapid bump test and calibration


Application examples:
  • (Petro)chemical plants and factories
  • Tank storage parks
  • Wastewater treatment facilities
  • Mining industry
  • Construction sites
  • Governments / First Responders
  • Fire Fighters
  • Food and beverage industry