Potent Powder Handling Isolators


Potent Powder Handling Isolators are designed to provide a cost-effective, safe handling environment for high potency drugs. These Isolators can offer an exposure control performance of 5 nanograms/m³.

Our Potent Powder Handling Isolators are constructed in stainless steel with a hinged glass door. HEPA filtered air and automatic pressure control, with ramp up facility in the event of a glove breach, provide enhanced safety for users. Internal edges are rounded for cleanability.

Powder Handling Isolator

Interlocked transfer chambers control access to the Powder Handling Isolators, granting safe sample entry and exit. These custom-built isolators can be fitted with recirculating air extraction with inlet and outlet HEPA filters, N2 purge, O2 analysers, Docked RTP ports, Static control bars etc. All of our containment units are CE marked and available in Acrylic or Stainless Steel with toughened glass viewing windows..

For further enquiries, contact us at info@envirosafeireland.ie

Features of the Powder Handling Isolator
  • Negative pressure environment
  • Safe change HEPA filtration
  • Interlocking transfer chamber
  • Safe waste disposal system
  • ECL designed to 5 ng/m³
  • Stable weighing environment
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easily cleanable
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Custom built solutions available