Portable Isocyanate Monitor


gas monitor
The Next Generation ChemLogic Portable (CLPX) provides powerful portable gas detection of isocyanates to meet a wide variety of applications

Flexible to meet your gas detection requirements

The CLPX is a versatile instrument that can be configured to detect a variety of gases, eliminating the need to purchase different instruments or different gas keys to sample different gases. Changing the instrument from detecting one gas to another requires a change of the calibration curve and a change of the cassette


Provides low level gas detection in seconds

Colorimetric technology is used to provide quick detection of low level gases at ppb & ppm levels making it the ideal solution for wastewater and toxic gas applications


Log 5 years worth of data!

Using the built in data logging capability and an SD card the CLPX can store up to 5 years worth of data. Additionally the CLPX features built in STEL allowing it to constantly calculate for a rolling 15 minute STEL



• Extended battery life provides up to 12 hours of continuous monitoring
• Automated Calibration eliminates the need for optical calibration
• Immediate indication that gas is present


Technical Specification Performance



• Display: Back Lit LCD with graphic stain development
• Operating Temp: 40 to 95°F (4 to 35°C)
• Humidity: 15 to 85 % (non condensing)


• Dimensions: H-219mm W-105mm L-287mm
• Weight: 2.5 Kg



• Semi / Solar Package: AsH3, PH3, B2H6, SiH4, GeH4, H2Se, H2S, HCl, HF, HBr, BF3, H2SO4, NH03, Cl2, NH3
• Chemical / Iso Package: COCL2, Cl2, HCl, NH3, TDI, MDI
• Additional gas available upon request: N2H4, LL CL2, Velcorin



• Hydrogen Chloride (HCl): 0-15ppm
• Hydrogen Fluoride (HF): 0-10ppm
• Boron Trifluoride (BF3): 0-5000ppb
• Hydrogen Bromide (HBr): 0-20ppm



• Arsine (AsH3): 0-50ppb / 0-500ppb
• Phosphine (PH3): 0-1500ppb
• Diborane (B2H6): 0-1000ppb
• Silane (SiH4): 0-50ppm
• Hydrogen Selenide (H2Se): 0-500ppb
• Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S): 0-90ppb / 0-20ppm



• TDI: 0-200ppb
• MDI: 0-200ppb
• HDI: 0-500ppb
• IPDI: 0-500ppb
• CHDI: 0-250ppb
• PPDI: 0-500ppb



• Hydrazine (N2H4): 0-500ppb
• Phosgene (COCL2): 0-90 / 0-3000ppb
• Velcorin: 0-200ppb
• Chlorine (CL2): 0-5ppm
• Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2): 0-2ppm
• Ammonia (NH3): 0-75ppm

Technical Specifications Downloadable PDF