Microbiological Safety Cabinets


Envirosafe Ireland offer the Guardian range of Biological Safety Cabinets which provide the best features available in Class II Cabinets. As standard, we offer a motorised sash, high-intensity LED lighting, low power consumption, low noise and VisionaireTM full colour touch screen control. Options include double outlet HEPA filters, base stands, gas supplies and a host of other options. Designed according to Class II European standard EN 12469 and BS5726:1992, cabinets are available in 800mm, 1200mm or 1800mm widths and can be ducted or recirculating with one or two outlet HEPA filters as preferred. With standard features such as fully closing sliding sash and constantly displayed inflow and downflow air velocities, you should accept nothing less than the best.

Microbiological Safety Cabinets

These microbiological safety cabinets are fitted with the latest technology:

Features include:

• Low Energy usage: <120watts of power
• Visionaire colour touch screen control system
• Double Switchable Electrical Sockets
• UV Light
• Dimmable LED Lighting
• Electric Sash Adjustment & Closure with easy clean system
• Two-part Removable Polished Stainless Steel Work Surface
• Sloped air intake for maximum efficiency and airflow
• Side glazing for maximum natural light in the working area
• VHP & Formalin Sterilisation compatible
• Low overall height (1330mm) – allows cabinet to fit into most working areas
• ISO Class 4 Clean Environment with built-in air diffuser for smooth airflow
• Fully compliant with BS EN 12469:2000
Other optional features include:
• 2nd Outlet HEPA Filter (adds 66mm to overall height)
• Base Stand Available at 700 – 900mm high
• Ducted or Recirculating

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