Microbiological Safety Cabinets

Transform lab safety with Envirosafe Ireland’s advanced Biological Safety Cabinets (BSCs). ISO Class 3 protection for pathogenic samples. Customisable options, energy-efficient design. Elevate your research today!


Revolutionize your laboratory safety with Envirosafe Ireland’s state-of-the-art Biological Safety Cabinets (BSCs), also known as Biosafety Cabinets or Microbiological Safety Cabinets. Our cutting-edge BSCs are designed for those working with pathogenic biological samples and in need of a sterile work environment.

Our cabinets create a protective shield through precision-controlled airflow, offering unparalleled operator protection. With advanced ULPA/HEPA filtration, they establish an ISO Class 3 work zone, guarding against cross-contamination. At Envirosafe Ireland, we’re committed not only to your safety but also to environmental responsibility. Our cabinets filter the exhausted air through ULPA/HEPA filters before release, ensuring a minimal impact on our planet.

Choose from a range of customisation options, including work trays, side panel construction, and various accessories. Designed with ergonomics and energy efficiency in mind, our BSCs offer both comfort and environmental responsibility. Trust in our compliance with industry standards – our cabinets are rigorously tested and classified according to EN 12469:2000 and NSF 49. Elevate your research with Envirosafe Ireland’s Biological Safety Cabinets today.

Available Options:

  • Class II Type A2: The Class II Type A2 biological safety cabinet is the most common Class II cabinet. It has a plenum from which 30% of air is exhausted, and 70% re-circulated to the work area as the downflow.
  • Class II Type B1: The Class II Type B1 biological safety cabinet has a common plenum from which 70% of air is exhausted, and 30% re-circulated to the work area as the downflow. This cabinet also has a dedicated exhaust feature that eliminates re-circulation when work is performed towards the back within the interior of the cabinet. Toxic chemicals employed as an adjunct to microbiological processes should only be allowed if they do not interfere with work when re-circulated in the downflow.
  • Class II Type B2: The Class II Type B2 biosafety cabinets are suitable for work with toxic chemicals employed as an adjunct to microbiological processes under all circumstances since no re-circulation occurs. In theory, Type B2 biological safety cabinets may be considered as the safest of all Class II BSCs since the total exhaust feature acts as a fail-safe in the event that the downflow and / or exhaust HEPA filtration systems cease to function normally. However, Class II Type B2 biosafety cabinets require large laboratory spaces due to their installation system and will require elaborate ducting works.

Key Features (Class II):

  • Certified to NSF 49, EN 12469
  • Options for side panel construction
  • Choice of multipiece or single-piece worktrays
  • Equipped with DC-ECM blower for 70% energy savings compared to AC motor
  • Offers a broad range of sizes to fit any available laboratory space
  • Has stable and self-compensating airflow, despite building voltage fluctuations & filter loading
  • UV lamp for decontamination
  • Airflow sensor to alert the user if airflow is sufficient for greater safety
  • Alarm for unsafe sash conditions
  • Ergonomically-designed raised arm rest helps prevent grille blocking and create a comfortable working posture
  • Isocide™ powder coat that inhibits microbial growth

Experience the Future of Laboratory Safety with Envirosafe Ireland’s Biological Safety Cabinets. Explore our range and elevate your research today! Contact us for more information or to obtain a quote.