MEDI 5 Air Purifier

625.00 excl. VAT


MEDI 5 Air Purifiers use HEPA filters, Carbon Filters & UV-C (Ultraviolet) Sterilisation Technology to kill or inactivate viruses (including Covid 19) and bacteria by disrupting their DNA to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases. These units are entirely safe for use in occupied areas, as all UV-C light is completely concealed. This range of air purifiers has been developed for public spaces such as Schools, Colleges, Offices, Clinics, Hospitals, Care Homes, Pharmacies, Laboratories, Restaurants, Pubs, Gyms or any indoor area where there could be nasty airborne micro-organisms

Covid 19 risk can be lowered by capturing and killing virus particles using a MEDI 5 HEPA filtration unit with UV sterilisation. The HEPA filter captures aerosolised virus and bacteria – and simultaneously, the UV-C steriliser inactivates the virus or bacteria.

MEDI 5 will clean the air 4 times per hour in a room size up to 65m3 (e.g. approx. 2.3m high x 7m x 4m). The MEDI 5 approach has the added benefit of eliminating the need for constant ventilation to outside, thereby saving money on heating bills and keeping occupied areas warmer during cold weather. The quality of air will also be much better as a wide range of pollutants will be captured (e.g. smoke, dust, pollen, bacteria, viruses).