IE Instrument Enclosures



Envirosafe Ireland provide IE Instrument Enclosures which are larger versions of ST1 balance enclosures and are designed for operations that require more room or higher arm access e.g. Karl Fisher, Particle Sizers, Pipetting, FTIR, Mobile Phase Separation etc.

IE Instrument Enclosures are specifically designed to enclose instruments used for handling or analysing chemical and hazardous compounds.

IE Instrument Enclosures

  • Variable speed fan allows airflow to be fully customisable to suit specific instrument setup
  • Low air volume requirement – low running costs
  • Stainless steel construction available
  • Can be configured with 360 degree access for installation and maintenance
  • Ergonomic design allows the analyst to work comfortably
  • Interconnectable design allows sample transfer between enclosures
  • Localised filtration, or direct HVAC connection options
  • Black granite, SS or Trespa base options
  • Unique dual sensor, datalogging airflow alarm (audible and visual) ensures safe operation
  • Large internal working area
  • Safe change H14 HEPA filtration and safe waste disposal chute included as standard
  • Size customised to suit customer requirements. Standard sizes from include 600mm wide to 2000mm wide
  • DOP test and IQ/OQ Commissioning package included as standard
  • Optional upgrades include mobile bench, roof mounted filters, solvent filtration, double HEPA filter
  • Approval drawing issued prior to manufacture
  • Fully supported by Ireland based service team


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