Potent Powder Glovebox/Isolator Containment System

Introducing Our Revolutionary Potent Powder Handling Glove Box Isolator  Containment System – SafetyBox™, manufactured from Acrylic panels with a robust stainless-steel frame. Looking to handle high potency drugs with the utmost precision and security? Presenting our revolutionary Powder Handling Glove Box System – SafetyBox™. Read more below!


Discover the pinnacle of controlled environment technology with our state-of-the-art Powder Handling Glove Box Containment System – the SafetyBox™ Isolator Unit. Designed meticulously to ensure the secure manipulation and weighing of high potency drugs with Occupational Exposure Limits (OELs) of less than 1μg/m³, this innovative solution guarantees your utmost safety, protection, and efficiency. It is manufactured from acrylic panels with a robust stainless-steel frame.

Key Features

? Robust Construction: Crafted from a fusion of durable acrylic panels encased in a robust stainless-steel frame, the SafetyBox™ Isolator Unit ensures longevity and effortless cleanability. Experience top-tier quality without the hefty costs associated with full stainless-steel isolators.

Automated Negative Pressure Control: Immerse yourself in a controlled environment where negative pressure is automatically maintained. This cutting-edge feature guarantees unparalleled safety and containment, empowering you to work with confidence.

?️ Glove Breach Contingency: Rest assured even in the face of unexpected events. Our isolator unit boasts an automatic ramp-up facility in case of a glove breach, preserving containment integrity without compromising your safety.

? Control Performance: With an astonishing target control performance of 10 nanograms/m3, the SafetyBox™ Isolator Unit sets the industry standard for handling highly potent APIs. Your safety and precision are our top priorities.

? Enhanced Accessibility: Seamlessly install and remove analytical equipment through the hinged front access panel. Streamline your workflow, amplify productivity, and unlock new levels of efficiency.

? Advanced Glove Ports: Featuring 200mm Diameter Oval glove ports equipped with White Butadyl gauntlet gloves as standard, our isolator unit maximizes operator comfort and containment efficiency. Explore various options for alternative gauntlet gloves and glove assemblies, tailored to your preferences.

?️ Exceptional Filtration: Breathe easy with superior air quality ensured by an inlet HEPA filter and a 2-stage safe change exit HEPA filter system. Experience the highest level of safety in every operation.

? Easy Cleaning: Simplify cleaning tasks with the unit’s rounded internal corners, a vital aspect of handling potent compounds effectively. Elevate your cleaning regimen with available cleaning kits, including a potent powder vacuum, cleaning station, and UV kit for white powder detection on the black base.

⚙️ Customisability: Your needs, your way. The SafetyBox™ Isolator Unit is fully customizable in terms of size and features, adapting seamlessly to your unique requirements.

Additional Extras

Enhance your experience with these optional extras:

? Height Adjustable Bench

?️ Temperature/Humidity Control

⚛️ Inert Atmosphere Control

Anti-Static Bar

? Cable Glands for Neat Setup

?️ Continuous Liner Waste Chute


Experience the Future of Potent Compound Handling

Embark on a journey into the future of potent compound handling with the SafetyBox™ Isolator Unit. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and take the first step towards a safer, more efficient workspace.

Download: SafetyBox_Data Sheet

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