Contamination Control Flooring


DycemEnvirosafe Ireland are suppliers of Polymeric Contamination Control Flooring products which are designed to attract, collect and retain contamination, preventing particles and microbes from getting into your critical areas.

When permanently installed, polymeric flooring is the most effective way of controlling all forms of foot borne and wheel borne contamination.

Polymeric Flooring is available in a range of grades and colours to suit all requirements and is typically installed wherever contamination is a concern, e.g. entrance and exits to cleanrooms, critical areas, changing rooms, transfer hatches and corridors.

When used to replace peel-off tacky mats, massive cost savings can be achieved and contamination control is far more effective (99% for Polymeric Flooring vs approx. 27% for tacky mats).

This flooring system is also more environmentally friendly also as layers are not peeled regularly.

The Benefits of Polymeric Contamination Control Flooring

  • Prevents over 99% of contamination from entering your critical area
  • Improved quality of working life due to reduced allergens in the atmosphere
  • Reduced floor and air particle / microbial counts
  • Improved yield, cost savings and profitability
  • Reduced risk of high product rejection rates
  • Cannot be bypassed and require no overt action

  • More effective than peel-off mats
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Full 2 year warranty. Typically lasts 5+ years
  • Can also be used inside critical areas to reduce airborne microbes

Furthermore, independent studies are available to verify effectiveness of this type of flooring, contact us for further details.

Polymeric Contamination Control Flooring is widely used in the following industries:

Cleanroom, Pharmaceutical, Electronics, Hospital, Medical Device, Data Centre, Optical, Automotive, Food Hygiene, Biomedical.
















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