CLASP Liner Tie System


Elevate your containment and safety protocols with the CLASP Liner Tie system, designed to revolutionize the safe separation of continuous liners and isolator bag-in bag-out ports. Engineered with precision and user-friendliness in mind, this system ensures high containment while simplifying your workflow.

Key Features:

  • Simple to Apply: The CLASP Liner Tie system is straightforward to use, reducing the complexity of liner separation procedures and streamlining your operations.
  • High Containment Capability: Experience unparalleled containment levels, guaranteeing the safety of your personnel and processes during liner separation.
  • Great Strength and Durability: Crafted with robust materials, the CLASP system is built to withstand rigorous use, providing long-lasting performance.
  • Long Term Sealing: Achieve dependable sealing capabilities for extended periods, maintaining the integrity of your processes.
  • Double Lock Security Preventing Accidental Release: Our double lock mechanism ensures that accidental releases are a thing of the past, enhancing safety and peace of mind.
  • Anti Tamper and Locking Capability: Secure your containment process with an anti-tamper feature that keeps your setup intact and protected.
  • Compatible with all Liner and Sleeve Ranges: The CLASP Liner Tie system is versatile, compatible with a wide range of liners and sleeves, offering flexibility in your containment solutions.
  • Clasp Kit: The CLASP Kit offers a cost-effective engineering control solution that consistently delivers safe and repeatable results, making continuous liner separation a breeze. Comprising the CLASP Tie, CLASP Tensioner, and CLASP Cutter, this comprehensive kit is designed to meet your containment needs.
  • Safety Assurance: The CLASP system has undergone rigorous testing, achieving an OEB 5 level rating. It consistently demonstrates performance levels of less than 1μg/m³ operator exposure when tested using the ISPE Guidelines for the Testing of Containment Equipment.

Elevate your containment standards and invest in the CLASP Liner Tie system today for a safer and more efficient workplace. Trust in a solution that combines simplicity, strength, and security to meet your unique needs.