Chemical Storage CabinetsEnvirosafe Ireland can offer a range of Chemical Storage Cabinets from a number of manufacturers including Asecos, Ecosafe and Chemisafe which are suitable for storage of hazardous chemicals and gas cylinders.

Many configurations are available including tall storage cabinets, underbench cabinets, refrigerated cabinets and separate lockable internal poison cabinets.

Made of solid, durable steel, all products guarantee maximum flexibility and enable you to work efficiently without the risk of clutter or wasted space.

A range of options are available including:

  • 90 minute fire rated chemical storage cabinets
  • Gas cylinder cabinets
  • Acid/base cabinets
  • Lithium-Ion battery cabinets
  • Refrigerated storage cabinets
  • Poison cabinets
  • Extraction / Filtration systems
  • Connection to fume cupboard extraction

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