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Calibration Gas Generators


Calibration Gas GeneratorsEnvirosafe Ireland supply Calibration Gas Generators. The gas instruments are more cost effective, versatile, accurate and environmentally friendly than cylinders. The sources used in our instruments can supply up to 100 calibration gas cylinders, cutting the cost per calibration by a significant amount.

Interchangeable gases

Because of the versatility of our products, one gas instrument can calibrate several different brands and models of gas detector. The flow rate of the calibration gas, as well as the concentration of that gas is often user adjustable
in the field allowing the user to calibrate at several set points.  Interchangeable sources allow for many different gases to be delivered by one instrument.

No shelf degradation

The calibration gas used in our instruments has the same makeup as the air in the room has except we add the exact amount of calibration gas to it that is required for calibration. This results in the most accurate approach to calibrating sensors in the field.  There is no shelf life on the sources; therefore they do not degrade on the shelf like cylinders do.

Good for the environment

The fact that one source unit can generate up to 100 equivalencies of cylinder gas makes the calibrators much more environmentally friendly than cylinders.

What calibration gas do you need to generate?

The calibration gas instruments and sources (generating sources) are a better, safer, more economical alternative for gas detector calibration than gas cylinders and permeation tubes. This calibration gas generation method is approved under the ISO DIS 6145-11 standards.

Calibration Gas Cylinders