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The NEOS range of static eliminators is a major advance in industrial static control technology. NEOS intelligence monitors and reacts to the static charge by emitting the quantity and balance of ions to neutralise it. The combination of NEOS intelligence with intense ion generation creates static eliminators for the most demanding applications.

The first Medium Range bar operating at distances between 150mm to 800mm, using 20kV DC to offer the most powerful performance. Dimensions: 66.5mm (H) x 28mm (W). Length: 450mm (min) in 150mm steps up to 5m.

• Shockless, resistively coupled replaceable emitters made in tungsten for long life.
• NEOS Intelligence has two automatic and 3 manual settings to give the operator complete control. Remote and local monitoring of operation and Clean Me function.
• LED status indication: 
    Green = OK 
    Red = Fault 
    Green and Red Flash = Clean Me, attention needed.
• 100% coverage. Effective from any distance or length. No dead zone.
• 24VDC supply, M12 5-pin connector.

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