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Envirosafe Ireland also supply the equipment detailed at the links below.


Tacky Mats for Cleanrooms

Tacky Mats Envirosafe Ireland’s Tacky/Sticky Mats are great for keeping your critical areas clean from footborne contamination. Tacky Mats offer ...
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Weld Clean Products

Envirosafe Ireland provide a range of weld cleaning products ...
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Anti-Fatigue Mats

Envirosafe Ireland offer a wide range of Anti-Fatigue Mats for a range of applications including: Commercial Anti-FatigueIndustrial Anti-FatigueInspectionKneelingLab and Pharma ...
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Cryogenic Gloves and PPE

Envirosafe Ireland supply the Cryokit range of Cryogenic Gloves and Personal Protective Equipment for working with cryogenic liquids and gases ...
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Humidisorb And X-Corrode

Humidisorb Humidisorb is a self-regenerating desiccant that can absorb and release enormous quantities of moisture from surrounding air without becoming ...
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