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Long-Range Anti-Static Ionising Bars
Envirosafe Ireland are channel partners with Fraser Anti Static who supply short-range and long-range anti-static ionising bars which neutralise static electricity and reduce operator shocks for a variety of applications and industries including:
Static Control Solutions include:
Cleanrooms are more widely used in manufacturing than ever before. Dust, Germs and other contaminants can ruin production runs and end up causing costly delays or recalls. We provide state of the art ISO 9000 certified Static Control and Static Generation solutions for Cleanrooms.
Static control for textile production is crucial, especially due. to the speeds at which materials are wound and unwound and the friction this causes. Highly charged materials can be produced in almost all of the textile production processes.Therefore, anti-static ionising bars are essential in textile production.
Plastic is one of the most common non conductive materials used in manufacturing which makes it a prime target for electrostatic build up. Neutralising static electricity on plastic is crucial to avoid unpredictable materials or even shocks to operators.
Effective static control for packaging requires more than just static neutralisation. To prevent static related defects or printing errors it is important. to work with a company who understands the packaging process inside and out. Fraser Anti-Static Techniques are expert in this area.
Ex/Hazardous Areas
Fraser Anti-Static Techniques produce a unique range of ATEX certified products for use in Hazardous area Zones I and II. There is a difference between European and North American Hazardous Zone classification, so be careful and do your research especially when considering a company claiming Zone O rating.
The converting industry typically deal with webs moving at. high speed over rollers and this is a key cause of static electricity build up. We produce a variety of high quality long and short range static control products specifically targeted to the demands of the converting market.
Printing is a challenging area for static control and Fraser work with some of the largest names in the Industry to ensure that our knowledge and experience of static in printing is second to none.
Shocks to Operators
One of the most concerning side effects of the build up of static electricity through the production process is of course operator shocks. These shocks can range from mild to severe resulting in injury or production delays. A suitable static control solution is essential in preventing shock to operators.
Static Generation
Static Generation is the cleanest, most affordable and safest form of temporary adhesion available in manufacturing. There are multiple applications from IML – In Mould Labeling, Edge Pinning, Non Stop Winders and more.



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