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Envirosafe Ireland provide a full suite of Laboratory Furniture.

laboratory Furniture

Selecting the right furniture for your new laboratory can be a difficult task. When you choose from our high quality range of furniture; you are guaranteed the best that money can buy.

Practical and elegant styling combined with the latest in advanced materials are the trademark of the our range of laboratory and cleanroom furniture.

Whether you are looking for a complete laboratory or individual items to retro-fit your laboratory, Envirosafe Ireland supply the best built, modular laboratory furniture for your requirements. Made of solid, durable materials, all products guarantee maximum flexibility and enable you to work efficiently without the risk of clutter or wasted space.

We can also offer a wide range of sinks, fume cupboards, chemical storage cabinets, balance enclosures, changing room furniture, lockers and step over benches.

We offer furniture for pharmaceutical labs, universities, hospitals, food production facilities and schools.

Worktop Options include:

Trespa Toplab Plus – High Chemical Resistance And Strength
Abet Labgrade Phenolic – Good Chemical Resistance And Antistatic
Simmons Epoxy Resin – High Chemical And Acid Resistance
LG Himac Solid Surfacing – Hygeine And Food Areas
Solid Granite – For Balance Bench Use
Stainless Steel – For Washroom Areas

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