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Laboratory Accessories

Envirosafe Ireland supply laboratory accessories as detailed in the drop-down menu.
Technical data sheets etc available on request from
Chemical Storage

Chemical Storage Cabinets

Envirosafe Ireland can offer a range of Chemical Storage Cabinets from a number of manufacturers including Asecos, Ecosafe and Chemisafe ...
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Dycem Grip Technology

Introducing Dycem Grip technology; non-slip and anti-microbial products designed with your high risk environment in mind. Dycem Grip Technology is a ...
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Static Control

Short Range Anti-Static Ionising Bars

Envirosafe Ireland are channel partners with Fraser Anti Static who supply short-range and long-range anti static ionising bars which neutralise static electricity ...
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Gas Detection

Gas Detector Tubes

Envirosafe Ireland are the Ireland distributor for supplying gastec gas detector tubes. 99% of our Gastec Gas Detector Tubes can ...
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Laboratory Gas Generators

Laboratory Gas Generators - Nitrogen / Hydrogen / Zero Air Envirosafe Ireland supply Peak Scientific laboratory gas generators. Peak Scientific ...
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Fixed Gas Detection Products

Envirosafe Ireland provide a range of fixed gas detection products ...
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