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For labs using any Single Quad LC-MS systems, the Genius SQ 24 nitrogen gas generator delivers a high purity nitrogen supply dedicated for this instrument. With a compact size to fit under most lab benches and flow rates of up to 24 L/min, meeting and exceeding the maximum flow rate required by any Single Quad LC-MS on the market today, your lab can enjoy hassle free nitrogen gas which helps you deliver the best analytical results. This rigorous design has helped not only deliver a reliable, high performance gas generator; it is also the best value nitrogen generator on the market today.

  • Best value nitrogen generator on the market.
  • Variable flow up to 24 l/min.
  • Outlet pressure up to 116psi (at 22 LPM maximum).
  • Reduced height and compact size to fit under most lab benches.
  • Integrated internal compressors for easy plug and play.
  • Based on proven and highly reliable technology.
  • CE compliant.
  • Backed by [Peak Protected] global on-site servicing, technical support and partner training.
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