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Envirosafe Ireland offer a cost effective range of Ducted Fume Cupboards of plastic or metal construction which have been designed & tested to conform to BS EN 14175-2.

Our Fume Cupboards offer several key benefits:

  • Long-lasting steel construction offers excellent protection against fire

  • Plastic construction for improved corrosion resistance

  • Excellent aerodynamics ensure that hazardous substances are effectively extracted

  • Outstanding containment at low face velocities, in accordance with EN 14175-3; far in excess of the required limits

  • Control outlets for fluids or gas media are located at the easily accessible interior of the extraction column – safe, ergonomic and practical

  • Air monitor records the extracted air performance with a digital display and indicates possible disruptions with an optical alarm

  • Electrical sockets are located at easily accessible areas



  • Standard bench mounted Fume Cupboards

  • Walk-in Fume Cupboards – Ample space for large equipment – ideal for movable table

  • In-built acid scrubber

  • In-built HEPA/carbon filter

  • School Fume Cupboards

  • Variable airflow volume (VAV) or constant airflow volume

  • Extraction Systems – We can offer extraction systems in PVC, polypropylene and glass reinforced plastics. With a wide range of corrosive resistant fans, we can facilitate any requirements.

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