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The Dustblocker Pro 40 is a part of the Dustblocker Pro range, which has been designed for larger buildings, Construction Sites and Manufacturing Plants, Laboritories, hospitals and electrical manufacturing to keep rooms clean, providing high air filtration and thereby effectively decreasing airborne dust particles.
This keeps products and workplaces free from dust, improving operator conditions and ensuring a healthier workforce. Filtering 4,800m3/hr this Dustblocker is ideal for use in areas up to 1,600m3 volume.

Pro 40

Voltage110 / 230v
Mass85w x 69d x 121h
Noise Level67dB(A)
Air Power4800m3 /h
FilterHEPA G4 / G3
CertificationDIN EN 779
MaterialMicrobiologically Inert
OptionalM5 pre-filter
Filter FullRed signal / Beep
Filter LeakOrange signal / Beep
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