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The Dustblocker Pro 30 is a part of the Dustblocker Pro range. The Dustblocker Pro range has been designed for larger buildings, construction sites and manufacturing plants, laboratories, hospitals and electrical manufacturing to keep rooms clean, providing high air filtration and thereby effectively decreasing airborne dust particles.
Therefore ,this keeps products and workplaces free from dust, improving operator conditions and ensuring a healthier workforce. Filtering 4200m3/hr this Dustblocker is ideal for use in areas up to 1300m3 volume.
Voltage 110 / 230v
Performance 525w
Mass 75w x 59d x 107h
Weight 59Kg
Noise Level 69dB(A)
Air Power 4200m3 /h
Filter HEPA G4 / G3
Certification DIN EN 779
Material Microbiologically Inert
Optional M5 pre-filter
Filter Full Full Red signal / Beep
Filter Leak Orange signal / Beep
Firstly, Envirosafe Ireland is built on 20 years experience in the pharmaceutical, laboratory and gas industries. Moreover, we were founded in 2010 and we operate as distributors for leading global suppliers, specialising in supply of equipment to the pharmaceutical, chemical, hospital and cleanroom industries in Ireland. Most importantly, we can offer a wide range solutions for applications in the areas of containment, potent powder handling, solvent handling, dust control, gas equipment, lab furniture, stainless steel furniture and static control. However, Dustblocker Pro 30. In conclusion, we supply the following equipment: Firstly, Powder Handling and Containment Enclosures for Pharmaceutical Potent Compounds. Secondly, Solvent Handling : Fumehoods, Solvent Disposal Stations, Solvent Storage & Safety Cans, Fume Extraction/Filtration. Thirdly, Downflow Booths, Microbiological Cabinets, LAF Cabinets & Noise Reduction Enclosures