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Dust Removal and Cleaning

Dust Removal and Cleaning:  Dust and particle contamination negatively affect production and quality, causing additional costs in many production environments. Static attracts unwanted airborne particles to the product in all sorts of industries, including electronics, converting, printing, moulding, pharmaceutical, painting and many more. Fans and blowers can be used to neutralise the static on the product but they will not fully remove the contamination. With a range of powerful ionised air equipment, we are able to neutralise the static attraction and remove the contaminant at the same time. Ionised Airguns and Nozzles are ideal for demanding dust removal such as cleaning sheets for printing, prepping parts for painting, cleaning electronics and displays during assembly. Airknives are better suited to handle larger applications than Airguns or Nozzles.

5100 Airknife

4400 Air Nozzle

4510 Air Jet


4125 Airgun

4900 Roto-Clean

5500 Ionised Airknife

In this paragraph, Envirosafe Ireland is built on 20 years experience in the pharmaceutical, laboratory and gas industries. Moreover, we were founded in 2010 and we operate as distributors for leading global suppliers, specialising in supply of equipment to the pharmaceutical. chemical. hospital and cleanroom industries in Northern Ireland.
Most importantly, we can offer a wide range solutions for applications in the areas of containment, potent powder handling, solvent handling, dust control, gas equipment, lab furniture, stainless steel furniture and static control.
In conclusion, we supply the following equipment:
Firstly, Powder Handling and Containment Enclosures for Pharmaceutical Potent Compounds.
Secondly, Solvent Handling : Fumehoods. Solvent Disposal Stations. Solvent Storage & Safety Cans. Fume Extraction/Filtration
Thirdly, Downflow Booths, Microbiological Cabinets, LAF Cabinets & Noise Reduction Enclosures
Fixed Gas Detection, Portable Gas Monitors. Gastec Tubes, Calibration Gas, Gas Generators & Cryogenic PPE
SS Cleanroom Furniture, Washroom Equipment, Laboratory Furniture & Fume Cupboards
Covid 19 Solutions : P2P Social Distance Alarms, Testing Booths, Sanitiser Dispensers. Isolation Rooms, Face Visors
Dust Control Barriers. Contamination Control Flooring. Dust Extraction, Shoe Cover Dispensers
Static Control : De-ionising Bars, Static Meters
Anti Fatigue Mats
Photoluminescent Safety Signs