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Dust and particle contamination negatively affect production and quality, causing additional costs in many production environments.
Static attracts unwanted airborne particles to the product in all sorts of industries, including electronics, converting, printing, moulding, pharmaceutical, painting and many more.
Fans and blowers can be used to neutralise the static on the product but they will not fully remove the contamination.
With a range of powerful ionised air equipment, we are able to neutralise the static attraction and remove the contaminant at the same time.

Ionised Airguns and Nozzles are ideal for demanding dust removal such as cleaning sheets for printing, prepping parts for painting, cleaning electronics and displays during assembly. Airknives are better suited to handle larger applications than Airguns or Nozzles.

4125 Airgun, 4400 Air Nozzle, 4510 Air Jets, 5100 Airknife, 5500 Ionised Airknife, 4900 Roto-Clean