COVID-19 Testing Booth

  • These monitors will detect if the room is well ventilated or not. If it is, the spread of Covid-19 will be reduced.
  • The unit offer four pre-set programs, two aimed at ventilation and two aimed at gas safety.

How many are needed for your school?

Typically 1 per classroom / staff room

300 students = 10 monitors

600 students = 20 monitors

1000 students = 40 monitors

School September Reopening Products

CO2 Monitor for Schools

Contamination Control Flooring

Vision CO2 Monitor for Schools

MEDI 8 Dustblocker

Our Process

Step 1

Purchase on this website or by email or phone

Step 2

We deliver anywhere in Ireland within 2 days

Step 3

The school electrician installs the CO2 Monitors